Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Curious Incident of the Body in the Canal

Two weeks ago I travelled up to Loughborough from Leicester. It started out as an uneventful trip, that is until I was approaching Belgrave Lock going under Swan’s Nest Bridge. A Police officer on the bank ask me to pull over, well he was a CPSO but same same today. He said he would have to ask me to wait until the police had finished at the bottom gate.

“Oh says I,” “have you found a body?”

“I’m sorry sir I can’t say,” he said in a Virginia tone.

“Oh so that’s a yes then?”

He gave me that knowing look.

I was allowed to get off the boat and tie up and even managed to collect a bag of litter. There was a ‘tent’ at the bottom gate and a number of officers were milling around looking at the floor.


“What they up to,” I asked.

“Collecting evidence.”

I only had to wait about half an hour and they zipped up the body bag and took it away. Down came the tent, rather clumsily, and that too was carted off. I was then allowed to carry on. Needless to say they didn't offer to lock me through.