Thursday, 23 January 2014

Them brushes……

Last evening I got an email from Chris Wren. Chris is a very useful chap in that he can look at a bit and tell you where it comes from. My generator brushes are a common BOSCH part. And they are a lot cheaper buying from a specialist alternator supplier than a marina.

One price I was quoted was £22.66+ del which I didn't think was that bad until Chris‘s communication,

Wood Auto
£3.12 + VAT + carriage
If you ring them they will post the item but on-line ordering defaults to courier delivery.


£10.99 'free delivery'


If you fancy soldering brushes into the holder!


Going by the pictures I think the cheaper ones are too short

So if you have an Electrolux Travel pack needing new brushes this is the info you need. If you have just bought some at an exorbitant price might I suggest you buy some brushes and fit them into the old brush holder for the next time,

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