Saturday, 8 February 2014

Loughborough Basin

This was Loughborough basin before the development. Notice the position of the car park entrance on Canal Bank.0001 (74)
This next picture is the basin after the student block was built but before the Travelodge. Arrowed is the last ‘original’ building still standing which unfortunately is not in the previous picture. Services are under the blue building next to it. Why they need to put that kink in the edge we will never know, but it makes life difficult. Whilst the mooring area (where the pontoons are and the edge the winding boat is pointing at) is near water level, the facilities landing is at roof level. Because of this there are railings along that edge which makes mooring up difficult. When mooring there are chain openings in the railings. There is one near the corner close-ish to the exit of the basin and one right on the kink which places you about five feet away from the edge. Bad design! I don’t really see what was gained by doing this.0001 (73)You can see from the entrance to the car park, which is as the original, that the basin ends sooner to increase the size of the building plot for the Travelodge at the end. Just out of shot along the right hand edge is the ‘Rushes’ shopping centre which sports a rather large Tesco store. The bottom left corner, car park etc, is Sainsbury’s although that building right in the corner is now gone. The Derby Road going South-east ti the Rushes takes you into town.


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Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Double Hurrah!
We moored way back from the junction and walked along here into town. We didn't think much of the space in the basin either. Not many boats moor there and if your boat is longer than 60' it must be difficult to turn and manouver. We felt it was too overlooked and claustraphobic so we didn't take our boat in.
We agree, very bad planning from a boaters perspective.

Naughty-Cal said...

We have only been once but found the basin a really nice place to spend the evening.

Handy for the shops and pubs.

It wasnt really laid out that well but it was quiet when we were there with only us and one other narrowboat in there so it didnt pose a problem.