Thursday, 20 February 2014


I have to wonder why people like MicroSoft insist on changing the way things work. (Imagine if Ford swapped the pedals around on the next model. You would have to relearn and that would not be easy.).  Just as you get used to the ‘new’ way they redesign it all and you have to learn again. The reasoning behind this is that the new system is easier to learn. I would argue if I have already learned the system then then new system only makes us work for no benefit.

I write this blog in Windows Live Writer in the past I have been able to open several instances of WLW and write several blog posts at the same time. Now I can only open it once. If I want to open a post for another blog I have to close the one I am writing. I know it doesn’t take long, once, but if I do this all the time it all builds up. All those extra unnecessary clicks.

And then there is the edit ribbon. Paragraphing, bold, Italics, Underline, Strikeout, bullet points, block  quotes, align, it’s all there, well, all except fonts and font size. That’s now in format, (two clicks away) It never used to be in format. Oh and the publish button isn’t in the same place either.

I get the impression that they employ the next unigrad and give him the program to ‘re-build’ He plays around with it without really understanding the user.

How many more times are we going to have to relearn that which we have already learned? What benefit is to be gained? I have been using one sort of word processor or other for about twenty five years. Its about time the system was sorted and a program produced that did not need changing. And if they have to change it you should be able to use the earlier version without being continually asked to ‘upgrade’. There can be no more functions that they need to add.  And if there were they could add them without changing that which everyone has spent many hours learning.

Most things that can be found in MicroSoft Word today were available in Word Perfect 5.1 (for DOS) twenty years ago. So what are they improving? What are they making easier? Isn’t it about time they simply called a halt to the changes. By all means make it ‘look’ different but I just don’t believe that every change they make, makes it easier. It’s just corporate bullshit.


KevinTOO said...

Word Perfect 5.1 (for DOS) - Those were the days indeed Maffi... and no mouse required either, my idea of a good program :)

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Hear, hear.

nb Achernar said...

I think they call IT progress.

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi

Glad to see you've left the blog open, all is well in the universe again.


Dave said...

It's the same as supermarkets. Just when you've got used to where things are, they rearrange the shelves to "make it better"....

Shazam said...

Most functions in word processors have keyboard short cuts. As a typist, I never use the menus. Its much faster using keyboard short cuts. Learn the short cuts and you can use any word processing application.

The de facto word processor of old was WordPro. The keyboard short cuts are the same now as in my 25 year old WordPro manual.

Have fun

Maffi said...

I do keystrokes I always have but some things don't have KS.