Sunday, 23 February 2014

Moving On

So here I am on The Erewash Canal. I moored up near the railway bridge which is a good walk from the Guinness supply. I am here because the 48 hour moorings are still full of those people who have been waiting for the river to come off red.

The river came off red five days ago (that’s 120 hours) so you can probably understand I am a bit miffed that I could not moor on the 48s, but I suppose that is the difference between a real boater/CCer and piss taker.

Ho hum who am I to complain? I am the one who when stuck for seven weeks moved every 2/3 days. I am the one who at the first sign the river was passable cast off and MOVED 12 miles on the Soar, the Trent/Derwent and the T&M. Then three days later moved back on the River Trent/Derwent to the Erewash.

Mustn’t grumble!


Anonymous said...

Maffi's blogging again, God's in his heaven, all's right with the world.
n.b. Paneke

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi,
I bet if you overstayed someone would make a point of grassing you up to CaRT.
Maybe you should inform them there are still boats on the moorings.
Either they know and haven't done anything about it, or the 'Rangers' aren't doing their jobs.
The words cake and eat come to mind!
I'm about to pay another £800 plus to renew my licence, it would be good to know it's going to be spent on something kicking the arses of these piss takers.
Good to have you back matey!