Tuesday, 11 February 2014


I have been very surprised by the response to my closing this blog. I have had a number of emails, PMs from CDF, phone calls, even my dear friend Bones has been receiving emails and calls. One person even asked “Don’t we get a say?” I had to answer no!  Yes I know this is very selfish.
Today I  spoke to Bones, we do this occasionally, I spoke about the river level mentioning the pictures I took of the weir. She said if the blog was still running I could put them on there so she could see them. She has a way of saying things!
Writing is a very difficult  discipline. It doesn’t take much for me to get distracted. There are many sayings about writing being 97% hard work and 3% inspiration, Nowadays it 97% trying not to see who is saying what on twitter, 3% just getting down to work.
I need to write and I need to write properly. To this end I am leaving the blog open but closed, if that makes any sense, because people seem to want it. I shall from time to time throw up a picture, but for the foreseeable future I don’t intend to continue as it was.


roger said...

Well that's a shame Maffi. I'll miss your sometimes irreverent, often controversial view of life on the cut, the UK, the Middle East, literature and all the other nonsense on the toilet wall.

Heather & I will still be coming over from OZ to use our share of our narrow boat and hope to see you again somewhere on the UK Canal Network.

Stay well, Roger

Dave Smith said...

Hi Maffi,i can echo the above comment..... after nearly 2 years reading your blog i was so disapointed when i was refused permision to open it last week. I dont agree with everything you say, and sometimes you can be quite rude but then thats what makes your blog interesting reading....It's your opinion. Good luck.

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

It's your choice but your often outspoken and colorful blogs will be missed. All our Love Beryl & Dave and Hoobie nb Sokai good luck with the writing.

A Heron's View said...

Maffi, My Dear Sir.
Your blog has become an international institution which we your readers have come to rely upon and often for it's eclecticism.

Kindly reconsider your decision & keep on blogging PLEASE ?

Anonymous said...

It's not a shame it's a tragedy. When the novel and anthology of poetry are ready for publication, and the knighthood for environmental services arrives, how are you going to let us know. Keep going.....you know it makes sense

KevinTOO said...

Hi Maffi,
So glad that you are staying open, even if you are refusing to serve us at present:)
It's your blog, your life and your choice, no question, no argument.
However I too would ask that you occasionally consider 'speaking' to all your loyal followers who enjoy reading your words :)
All the best,
(p.s. I still owe you a pint @ Fradley!)

Brian from Fleckney said...

First it was Ronarosa, then Snecklifter, Granny Buttons and now you. The Grand Union is a mile from my village in south Leicestershire. We used to run down to the canal in the late 40's to see 'a barge' put-putting along. I left in 1959 and this is how I keep in touch (sort of). I shall miss your comments. Thank you.

Sue Hunter said...

I too shall miss your blog. But a now and again blog is better than no blog at all. It's nice to read someone who tells it like it is & not afraid to offer an opinion, whether one agrees with it or not! Good luck with the writing. SUE NB Beefur

Oakie said...

I shall miss it too, but that won't stop me coming to see you when next in Thrupp. There is always time for beer!

clive. nb carissima. said...

hi maffi
I think it was in 2006 when first noticed your blog it was just before I purchased my own.you and your travels have had me in stitches ever since.i have never been in the same place as you at the same time.but one can hope would love to share a pint of the black with you.
all the best at whatever you decide to do...and thank you,

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

We missed you too, perhaps a weekly blog would be easier, but we are glad that you haven't closed it for good.
No doubt you and Molly will appear on other peoples blogs as you have done in the past.
Hope you find lots of inspiration along the way for your serious writing and poetry.

Deb (NZ) said...

Take your point about distractions - and this will mean one less for me I suppose - but I will miss you. I still hope to get back to the UK canals (most recent plans fell through) so please keep the drink offer open :-) Looking forward to seeing you in print. Deb (NZ)

Sue said...

I'm pleased you didn't go the way of the 'gnat's knacker' and delete your blog.

Over the years it has been such a brilliant read, way before even you came to this country and joined your boat.

I remember all those years ago and your enthusiasm as you made your plans.

You might find a few bits and bobs to write about on the blog when you have a mo..

I am wondering if you have caught a virus as I hear you are stuck near that Mo who is not now blogging on Balmaha..

Remind me not to moor next to you two!!

Good luck with the writing Maffi, enjoy what you are doing and...

We will see ya! xx

Graham said...

Maffi, It's your blog to do as you wish with. However, if you do have the odd moment to add an occasional comment or photograph it would be great.

Best wishes for your other writing.

NB Constance said...

I too, will miss your comments on you blog. As long as you are well and enjoying life, that's OK. Hope to meet up sometime.
Good Luck!
Colin NB Constance

Anonymous said...

Good call Mafster. Bones knows best LOL

Thanks for the brilliant blog & i sincerley hope you find the time to post, even now & then.
KevinRonnie- Hawkesbury

Lisa said...

Dear Maffi,
Yours is the very FIRST blog I open, always first, if I am short of time I may just open one, always yours for lots of reasons. I told you before that I especially like it when you get so cross, love it. Maybe we should all help and send you ideas that occur for you to consider writing about but I fear that would bring an avalanche on your head which maybe the reverse of helpfulness?
Good luck with your other projects... As with others when we are in the vicinity of Thrupp are you available for tea at Annie's or a pint? I hope so.
Best wishes
NB What a Lark

Maffi said...

I am always available for tea and or Pint :0)

Mo said...

That Sue NP is a cheeky monkey.

Kath said...

I agree with all! The occasional blog is better than no blog at all but I would hate to put you under pressure. Just keep in touch, let us know you are ok. And the odd quirky, make us think, post will be much appreciated.

Kath (nb Herbie)

Alan Montague said...

I hadn't tried to look at your blog since I e-mailed you about it, but tonight I thought I'd check again, really glad to see it open even if it's closed :)
I'm sure whatever you do with it will be the right thing.

Anonymous said...

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