Saturday, 22 March 2014


Well well well yesterday I put this picture up on Facebook which I got from Twitter.BjBFT5MIgAAl5d5 Saturday morning I had a message that a complaint was made and that it was being reviewed. Then they said I should remove it, because it contains nudity or Pornography.

I didn’t remove it because I didn’t believe the people at Facebook would actually delete this. I cannot imagine what small minded moron thought this was worth reporting, but as with all these things arseholes are always anonymous.

I cannot believe that Face book keep the names secret. I should be allowed to know what arse reported this picture because I dont want such small mindedness on my friends list or having access to my page. The perp is obviously  mean minded moron to find this picture offensive. Total coward.

Anyway Facebook deleted the picture and banned me which is why I haven’t posted on Facebook today. I hope this works when I link it to Facebook


Anonymous said...

Not a lot to complain about that I can see! Paula x

Anonymous said...

So you managed to get banned for reposting a photo that many many other people had posted (a few of my friends had posted it).

Can't understand what face aches problem is. The photo mad em laugh.

I think you ought to know who complained about your post… mind yo imagine the grief you'd dish out lol

Dirty Pongo.

Lisa said...

Do you think men all over the country could follow in this persons footsteps and start an online campaign similar to the one by ladies taking "Naked" selfies and raising £8 million by today for cancer research? Maybe Prostate Cancer research research?
Good cause Maffi.
NB What a Lark

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Well I thought it was funny!