Monday, 24 March 2014


Now where do you think these came from? There are a lot to be found of various sizes all over every place I visit. We all walk past them and notice them not.DSCF0608They are clipped around almost every lamppost in town. The signs they once secured long since gone. I suppose technically its theft to take them, but the council will never remove them and if they did would put them in the bin.

They really are litter and being a litter collector I walk down town with a pair of cutters in my pocket. Some that I ‘saved’ are nearly half an inch wide (they don’t come cheap). So between us all we can rid the country of this blight and have a enough cable ties to last a lifetime.

If you should find any that are still holding up a sign check the date if its passed I consider it to be litter.


Graham said...


If you take a small screwdriver with you you can often lift the little ratchet tongue and undo the whole cable tie, so that you have saved the full length and wasted nothing.

For small ones you might need a watchmaker's screwdriver. Sometimes, of course, it will not be worth the effort.

Maffi said...

Oh fuck there are limits!