Monday, 31 March 2014


At a recent CRT meeting in Leeds this question came up again.
Why do continuous cruisers pay the least amount of money and don’t comply with the rules of continuously cruising? Why don’t Canal & River Trust levy a basic mooring charge on top of the licence?
I’m sorry but if people insist on asking questions based on mis-information they will never get an answer.
AS a CCer my licence cost me £833 for full access to the whole canal system.
As a marina moorer it costs £833* for full access to the whole canal system.
Now please correct me if I am wrong but £833 is the same as £833. So I ask how am I paying less?
I am not, but those that cant spend their life out on the water think that because they need somewhere to park their pride and joy I and others like me should pay for something we don’t need.
In a marina usually there is Electric, Water, Services and security and not to mention somewhere to park their car while out on their weekend jaunts. For this they have to pay the marina owner (it doesn't matter who the owners is). The Marina has overheads which he has to pay. This includes among other things council tax and also a connection fee to CRT water. This really has absolutely nothing to do with boaters. When a marina owner set his prices he charges enough to cover his services and overheads plus a handsome profit, after all he is in business.
In reality the owner doesn’t have to pay the connection fee and CRT could dam the entrance to the canal. That way Marina moorers would get cheaper moorings. Then in order to go boating every boat in a marina will simply have to get their boat craned out of the marina onto the canal what could be easier? There is one drawback an in-out-in-out crane lift could cost £200 each time, but not to worry think of the money being saved  by not paying a higher marina fee!
I have mentioned Mr Norman Bate here before he is not a lone voice. He is a marina moorer of some renown who will berate CCers for being CCers because they overstay yet he will overstay often and in the not too distant past stayed two weeks on a 48 hour mooring and last year said he was prepared to overstayed in London pending the birth of the new Royal oik! The Norman’s of this world will continue to break the rules while berating everyone who does not fit into their idea of a boater. The question I ask is why is it ok for marina moorers to overstay and not CCers? Now many Marina moorers are going to fly off the handle and say they have never overstayed on a visitors mooring. I will answer, There are two types of boaters those who have overstayed  on a VM and those that are going to’.
I know boaters, in both camps, that have “never overstayed” spend three nights on a 48. Arriving late on Friday evening and leaving early on Monday morning is 60 hours. Even using time compression techniques practiced in all walks of life ‘60 is about 48’ does not wash!
The CCer question will rise time and time again, but we must remember we all pay the same licence fee for our boating** the fact that some of us don’t get to enjoy it as long as others is not a good reason to make the others pay more for what is in actuality the same licence. Maybe the argument should be for the marina moorers to pay less that way marina moorers might just get the support of the CCers.
*For a boat the same size
**For boats the equal size


Naughty-Cal said...

Yep. Nothing like tarring all marina moorers with the same brush.

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Very well put Maffi I presume CaRT are well aware of Mr Bates and his two faced rants.But it does keep stirring things up. Keep smiling
Luv Beryl & Dave nb Sokai
CCer's currently at Cambell park Milton Keynes.

Anonymous said...

And you were thinking about packing in the blog....keep up the good work ! Janenrog n.b. Paneke

Maffi said...

NC Not at all but the question made the assumption that all CCers overstayed. If you would like me to rewrite with 'some' I will be happy to oblige, but personally most MMers I meet are in the Norman Bate camp.

Maffi said...

I didn't mean to imply that Norman Bate was the questioner but he is such a dipstick it wouldn't surprise me if he was.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.