Thursday, 20 March 2014

I heard today that……

……my mothers house has finally been sold. To most its just a house. To my family it is where we grew up. To me it was my life. I hadn’t been there too many times in the last few years, but it is where I started my life. When my folks moved mum was pregnant with me. They hadn’t been there much more than a month when I arrived. Well that’s the story mum used to tell. More recently she would say her waters broke as she stepped over the threshold. Today is a sad day.

Goodnight Mum love you.

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Wozie nb Oakfield said...

Sad day indeed, but soon it will be a happy memory for you perhaps.
I spent around 50 years altogether growing up in a small town.
It was a tough decision to leave it all behind to live on a narrow boat.
Now we consider it the best move we ever made as we have met so many lovely people.
Continuous cruisers are just like one big floating village, you never know who you are going to befriend next!