Tuesday, 4 March 2014

I just don’t understand ……..

…….what is difficult to understand about the 8 til 8 rule. If you are having trouble with it let me explain. Between the hours of 8 pm and 8 am it is not good form to run your engine or generator. You may not be able to hear it whilst watching your TV but those of us that don’t have time to watch TV or don’t even have a TV can hear it. We find it annoying that you turn your engine/generator on while we are trying to finish a painting or working on a poem or magazine article or writing the next page.

Now you might say why do we have to work at night? The answer is simple BECAUSE IT’S QUIETER YOU MORON!

If you must run your engine/generator at night go out into the middle of nowhere and do it. Alternatively you could get a smaller TV (you cannot seriously need that 40 inch monstrosity on a boat) or you  could get your system fixed, but please don’t run it near others or it may end up in the canal.


MortimerBones said...

people are more inconsiderate but I wonder whether people just don't know. It isn't policed and the rules relies entirely on good will. Good will is probably worth an OBE these days.

Maffi said...

Maybe its just me , but there is a rule book. Maybe it time to licence boaters.