Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stuff stored!

A recent story in the press said that there was £35 billion worth of stuff being ‘stored’ in peoples houses. I have for sometime been concerned about the fact that you cannot buy just one screw, or say three nails which though in itself is not such a bad thing (you will eventually use the others you have to buy on other projects) there are things that you do only need a specific number.

A pair of door handles for instance, but you are conned into buying two for a 25% discount. The second will sit in the shed for the rest of your life. On the one occasion that you find someone that needs that handle to replace a broken one of the same design you decide that yours might break so you keep the spare ‘just in case’.

We buy 2-4-1, we buy packs of 5 when we only need 2, we buy packs of ten when we only need three, packs of 25 when we only need 5, packs of 50 when we only need 8, I recently had a need 16 3/16th pop rivets, I had to buy 200!

I wonder how much ‘stuff’ that should be in the shops/stores on their shelves is actually stored in drawers/sheds in every household in the country. Even someone who is just starting up in a small flat has screws, nails, cup hooks etc.

We all buy ‘stuff’ that we don use, but can we always buy stuff that we do need/use. As a boater we will nearly all use a lump hammer to put pins in the bank, but try and get a new handle for it from the DIY shed and they will say ‘they don't do that, but you can buy a new hammer’! And if you are a proper boater you will still keep the head of the old hammer.

So all the ‘stuff’ you buy that you store at home is really wasteful and you only have it because the DIY companies are packing for their benefit not yours. 



Amy Willow said...

It's for this reason that I love our local independent hardware store, they will sell you 3 bolts or 2 cuphooks.

Wozie nb Oakfield said...

You're right of course, the parents-in-law have twos sheds full of 'stuff' they never use.
Boaters accumulate some 'stuff', so it maybe useful to ask fellow boaters it they may have the 'stuff' you need for a small job.
Storage space aboard is very limited.
Thanx for the wedge to mend our lump hammer and hope your socket is working ok!

Wozie said...

ps. on our bus ride to Coventry we passed a small ironmongers shop called 'Cox's' just down the road from Rugby!
Will have to check it out for 'stuff'.
Doesn't look as promising as the fab one in Nuneaton though.

Dave said...

And because of this old stores that did offer what you wanted are closing
Fortunately its younger sibling is still open at Chippy

Maffi said...

Quite right I loved Gills Hardware store. The only place I knew that sold 8" door hook of the type used on the old boats.