Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Think!!! Before you moor.

Travel along any canal and one is likely to come across places where the offside vegetation extends quite some distance out into the canal. Often over half the width of the canal.

So one would think that when a boater is preparing to moor up he might avoid such places rather than force other boaters to run through a slalom, but no they all seem to moor without thought. This particular chap moored between two patches of overgrowth.


Then there is the chap who insists on mooring on a bend.


And the bozo who has a breasted pair at a bridge hole when a couple of hundred yards away there was a straight stretch with Armco Pilling.



Sue said...

But CRT should be clearing the offside vegetation!

I rather like the challenge of getting round boats moored in odd places. Like you I can never understand their brains when they do that but it is OK.

But not OK when there is offside vegetation that needs cutting back.

I am glad I have a brain that works!

Dave McKenzie said...

Must remember that in some of these cases you are suggesting that some people may have to WALK!
Probably find that the bridge blocker has also blocked up the road in the same way so as to have as short a distance to go to the motor. Still they're all right Jack!

Just the same down here on K&A


Keith said...

I've sometimes thought that they do this in order to force boats to slow down when passing them. An understandable action, but it's still a pain in the proverbial for those of us that travel slowly anyway.