Friday, 14 March 2014


I am not sure what is going on in the Ukraine but what I do see is worrying. It seems the people have risen up against the legally elected Government and this in not legal. To me the Ukraine elected their government representatives based a) what the candidates said they would do b) the understanding that the representatives were employees of the people. Very much in the same vein as we do.

The Ukraine government failed in their duty to the electors and, as it now appears, lied to the people. Very much in the same vein as our candidates lie before, and continue to lie, after they get elected.

If a legally elected  government fails in its promises to the people then surely it is not a legal body. The people of the Ukraine were surely right to protest. Any government that opens fire on its citizens is, apart from being bereft of morality, a failure and should be expected to stand down; not only by their people but the world at large.

Now ‘world leaders’ are saying the uprising was wrong. Well they would wouldn’t they. David Cameron and Barack Obahma are probably worried that we the people might just follow the Ukrainians and rise up against our governments because they have also forgotten why they are in the hot seat.

Now in comes Russia. I think Putin is a bit of a hard man. The deposed leader of Ukraine went running to him crying “They took away my cushy job!” WIMP!!!

It appears part of Ukraine want to be Europeans and the other part wants to be Russians. As I understand it Putin has put soldiers into the Crimea to protect the wishes of the people there.

The EU seem intent on taking Ukraine in its entirety into Europe. And though they have no army are prepared to fight for that to happen. This unelected band of pirates could possibly drag us into WW3.

Cameron and Obama are prepared to impose travel restriction and freeze finances in the hope of convincing Putin to back off. Putin has all the GAS!!! Cameron and Obama are stupid.

Things to note a) This is not the Cuban Missile Crisis although it could develop to that magnitude. b) we do not have a ‘world leader’ of the calibre of JKF.

The sad thing is that ,despite all the wars and the lessons learned in the last 100 years, we are going to allow a lying cheating scumbag, David Cameron, to make decisions that require a man of far higher calibre. Maybe it is time the Muppet stepped aside. We no longer have an army big enough to consider taking on the Ruskies. And in all honesty in the 21st century we should be past all this posturing especially when it is done by tossers!

We should stay out of this it is not for us to get involved.


Anonymous said...

Well said Maffi, couldn't agree more.


Ken D said...

First Crimea, then the rest of Ukraine, then a land bridge to the separate part of Russia on the Baltic! Ops that's through Poland a Nato country.