Monday, 14 April 2014

And this is?

You may never have seen one of these before it’s a baby Glibich. I had only ever seen a grown up one. Indeed I am writing a story about one. It is unusual to see one so prominent, they usually blend in with the hedgerow. Keep an eye out for them they are rare. I first saw one in Thrupp. The recent snow had highlighted its outline and made it easier to see. You are blessed if you see them . You must treat them with respect. They are cursed wizards and you can help them.



Wozie nb Oakfield said...

... but it's gone past April 1st!
Are you pulling the Ivy over our eyes Maffi?

Maffi said...

No not at all. You have moored near the Thrupp one. Read up on Ethred the unready.

A Heron's View said...

Yeah right !

I believe you and only because the sun is shining here in Ireland :-)

Maffi said...

I knew I could rely on you Sir!