Monday, 7 April 2014

Around the prop!

I seem to have spent more time down the weed hatch this year than I have in the last eight. This was yesterdays pile of prop foul. One thing you can be certain of is this and all the other stuff I have had around my prop, which since Leicester has been enough to fill a wheelie bin, has all been disposed of at the proper places and not just tossed on to the towpath as others are apt to do.


Can we all make an effort this season to not throw away our prop foul willy nilly but save it in a carrier bag to dispose of at the proper place. Your roof will not rot away if you put a bag of rubbish on it for a few miles.


Anonymous said...

well said - at the very least if you can;t take it away put it the other side of the hedge so it doesn;t end up back in the cut

Maffi said...

NO! NO! NO! Its rubbish!!! It shouldn't be put anywhere but in a bin. If you cant take it away you are not fecking trying.

Anonymous said...

Could we dump it outside Number 10 Downing Street?