Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Belt ‘n’ Belts

Last night my engine threw a belt. So no hot water for me then. This morning I went to the motor factors on the industrial estate to buy a 950 x 11.9 belt. They had one in stock which I bought And I ordered two more 950 x 13.  Total price £19.64 for the three. When it came time to fit the belt I could not find it. I searched high and low but to no avail. I retraced my steps all the way the the motor factors but no joy!

I had heard of another place where I duly went to get another belt.  They had a belt, in stock, and I bought it. Now I don’t mind paying the going price, but I do object to getting ripped off. The second company charged me £19.16 for one belt. I pointed out that that couldn’t be right as I had bought one earlier at the motor factors for £5.66 + VAT and that the total bill for three belts had been £19.64. He assured me it was. Given that I needed the belt I paid.

I decided on the way home to go to the co-op and whilst there an Eastern European chappie  who had seen the belt hanging on my bicycle asked me if I had lost a belt. There in his hand was the belt I bought this morning. I thanked him profusely! So now I had two belts and two on back order. I returned to the boat to fit the belt. The original one didn’t fit – too long. So I fitted the expensive one instead.

I can get a shower tonight.

EDIT: the company who charged excessively was BRAMMER www.brammer.biz.


Nev Wells said...

Had a similar experience of needing a belt on the staffs and Worcester, cycled into Wolverhampton to no avail, halfords were poor, helpful but no stock. When RCR arrived the next day he was sporting a veritable tangle of all difference belts, and we had a bog standard Beta 1505, lesson was take off the old belt and get a pair matched, now why have I not done that so far for Percy ?

Glad you got showered ;-)


Naughty-Cal said...

If you think thats pricey try paying Volvo Penta prices.

Costs us approx £125 for four belts for our KAD32!!

Keith said...

Time to check out Ruskin's "Common Law of Business Balance" I think.......

Keep clean and smiling Maffi

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

Try Ebay much cheaper I keep a spare set and replace the spare when used
then there is no panic to get them

Maffi said...

NC I don't know what a KAD32 is but if you knew that a shop around the corner was selling your belts for 25 quid you would be as miffed as I am. Obviously you cant buy them for less than £125 so there isn't a problem. I knew for fact that the belt was less than a third of the price a few hundred yards away having bought one earlier that day!

Halfie said...

Trying to get my head round this. Let me see: the cheap belt didn't fit but the expensive one did? And the problem is...?

Maffi said...

It wasn't a 'cheap' belt it was a Gates. The expensive one wasn't what they said it was. And it was a 13mm not an 11.9mm.