Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Belts continued…..

Good Morning Mr Maffi,

We  pride ourselves in quality Brands at Brammer and we only supply the top quality products we do not profiteer for selling high quality. I can not comment on what Brand you bought from you local Motor factors but there are several brands out on the market which are not as high quality as Gates.

If you are un happy and the belt has not been used you can return this item and we can do a credit but only if it hasn't been used.




I thank you for your email. Just so you understand the belt I got from the local motor factors was a Gates product the one I got from you wasn't as far as I am aware. Your ball!

1 comment:

Robert Hawkins said...

Oh the joys of belt failure!
Just to ask, are you sure you didn't mix the belts up?