Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Dear Philip
It was a pleasure to meet your family and friends today at your Memorial service. Though we never got to talk to them all we are honoured that those we did speak to knew us because you spoke about us to them. I love the things you told them.

If you were watching you will know it was a great service, even if Elgar’s Lux Aeterna didn’t finish due to ‘technical’ reasons. I was a little sad that I had not known the Phil that every one else knew I bet you were a real character. The wine was excellent it’s a shame you missed it.

I loved the time we spent together and will remember you fondly as long as my memory lasts, which judging by current trends will be about three months.

Toodle pip Erm, whatsyaname, toodle pip.

good-bye my friend


PS If you see my Mum where you are going, say hello!





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