Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The Dishonourable PM

I am sure we are all well aware that the Right Dishonourable David Cameron is not a suitable man to be the political leader of our once great nation. His recent support of Maria Miller is simply a reiteration of his dishonesty and of his contempt for the people of the United Kingdom.

The people who he has in his cabinet are hatchet men who, in these times of austerity, are nothing short of Nazis in their concern for the very people who they are pledged to represent. They thieve, and lie, and cheat expecting to be protected by their friend Cameron.

Maria Miller has not only stolen £90,000 from the tax payer. She has lied and she has tried to bully the Committee about procedure, the Committee who in her case are the law. This is the equivalent to me committing a crime then bullying the arresting officer and telling him he is not interviewing me properly and that his line of question is outside his remit. She has been known on numerous occasions to utter “Don’t you know who I am?” I will now ask “Who does she think she is?” Like David Cameron she is an employee nothing more. If her employers, us, were to carry out an ACR she would at best be demoted at worst fired.

What our political leaders seem not to understand is they are public servants. We, the taxpayer, pay their salaries, their vast salaries! They are employees, they are not bosses. In much the same way as I can fire my lawyer if I think he is not doing his job, we the citizens should be able to fire the PM because he clearly isn’t doing his job. He works with criminals, he shelters criminals. He lies to his employers. He is truly a dishonourable man.

The good thing about this episode is the Conservatives, specifically Cameron, have sealed their fate. They will not get elected in 2015.

Edit: Hurrah she has gone!

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Malcolm said...

I took long enough for her to go.
The Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards recommended she repay £45,000 but she's been told to repay the £5,800 expenses she claimed.

Nepotism rules!

I'm off to lay down in a dark room to let my blood pressure go down.