Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Association of Continuous Cruisers

I am a little concerned about the Association of Continuous Cruisers ACC. It seems to have lost its engine (committee). there are currently no elections planned and no volunteers anyway. I found this on another blog, Skippy’s Ramblings, and am Guest posting it here.

Will this be the Downfall of the ACC?

The Association of Continues Cruisers is, now operating outside its constitutional remit. this is not opinion, this is a fact, where my opinion is present in this post it will be written as such.
The Constitution was the central document for the ACC, it was front and centre on the website at
Steve Jenkins seems to have deleted it (my back up
here, wayback machine here, and PDF). It was originally placed in the public domain so that members, and non members alike could see what the ACC was about, and what its aims were (§4).
With the mass resignation recently, leaving only Steve Jay on the committee of the ACC, the association no longer has quorum. In accordance with §4.1 of the aforementioned
ACC constitution) Steve can not invite new members to the council (§4.1, §6.3), can not edit the constitution (§4.1, §6.3, §8.1). Steve can not revoke anyones membership of the ACC (see §3.5.2), and can not exclude anyone under §6.7.
It is my considered opinion that Steve Jenkins is now running the ACC as his own private club. He has manipulated, bullied, and forced out other committee members, unilaterally made decisions, and shouted down those who disagree with him. It is for these reason that I think he should resign immediately for being in breach of §6.7, and continuing to misrepresent the ACC to CaRT.

At the moment there are two options for the ACC:

  1. Immediate appointment of an interim council (7 members), whose immediate task shall be the setting up of full and open elections (I do not wish to see Steve Jenkins on this).
  2. The winding up of the ACC in accordance with §8.3.

I am not a huge fan of #2, so i would prefer to see #1 as the course of action to be carried out, and before you wonder, no I shall not be looking to stand, This is the start of a letter that I hope will be signed by at least 30 full time members of the ACC (§5.2).


Sue said...

I wasn't sure about this from the start so didn't join..

Maffi said...

Sue There is nothing wrong with the concept, currently it has no driver.

I did try to join, they have my money but have no knowledge of it or me.

Mark Evans said...

a lot of membership money has gone in to the acc where is that now??? do the new people have anything to work with, or was it a scam who knows??

Mark Evans said...

there was a lot of money put in to the ACC by us members where is it now?? will it be able to be used by the new committee ???.

Sue said...

See what I mean?

NBTafelberg said...

First C&RT dump the Roving Mooring Permit idea that SJ started now his "club" is collapsing....

Anonymous said...

What utter garbage. The usual suspects spewing unfactual towpath gossip. Gotta laugh at taffelburg, with his particular poop.

jac1 said...

what happens to all the membership money paid in ?

Maffi said...

There is no need to worry about that I don't think it will disappear. It just needs to get back on track. We cant afford to lose it. There will never be another opportunity like this.

John Sloan said...

Most probably to late to post this as those that have left comments will not read this. Some have commented about the money it has rather made me smile membership is £10 the stickers that were sent to each member alone were £5 I know for a fact that no one except the website developers Skippy being one of them has ever claimed and expenses and in the case of Steve he has attended many meeting all over the country with CRT The money that ACC has is all accounted for and the accounts will be presented at the AGM I realise that a few that have posted on here would like to see ACC fail well from the members the have contacted myself they are 100% behind ACC. ACC should be judged by what they achieve if nothing else ACC members now have a voice with CRT at their meetings.

Sue said...


Well that is why I sat back. Many, many different aims and protests and associations have tried to gain members and after 15 years of being a CCer (a proper one) I am wary.

Rightly by the look of it!

Skippy said...

According to http://www.associationofcontinuouscruisers.org.uk/home

"January 2015 will see the Association holding an election for Council members. Between now and that date, the Association will be steered by:
Stan Thomas (continuous cruiser)
Steve Jenkin (continuous cruiser)
Lynne Oxley (continuous cruiser)
Jeremy Wren (continuous cruiser)

Treasurer and Secretary:
Lesley Lyndon"

I have heard nothing about the Elections, the website is now dead… I assume the Steve is still claiming to CaRT he has the backing of the ACC memebership.

skippy said...

In response to Mr Sloan: we were unable to make the meeting, and the cover was _offered_ by himself so we could make the meeting.

Its a long way from Manchester to Rugby by train.

Anonymous said...

Steve Jenkin obviously shouts greenies again