Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lost keys!

So there you are at the lift bridge in Thrupp. There in the keyswitch on the bridge console is a bunch of keys, about twelve, hanging on a chain. You use the keys to operate the lift bridge, After your boat is through you lower the bridge. Now, what do you do with the keys?

Well there are options: 

1, There is a Welcome Boat on which resides the Mooring Warden. They might not be in.

2. There is an office across the bridge you could take them there.

3. Oh dear the door is locked, but wait there is Annie’s Tearooms. Nah

4. You could seek out a local boater and give the keys to him.

5. You could leave them where they are, after all ,12 keys is probably important to someone. They’re bound to miss them and come back!

6. Oh wait there is a boaters post box nearby on the water point Nah! What’s the point of being so obvious.

7. You could steal the BWB key and chuck the others in the water. Well its worth a fiver!

8. Or take them with you on your journey in the hope that you will meet up with the owner.

The first six options are obvious but none of them have worked for me. I am still keyless. I can’t work, I can’t get into my boat in short I am F***ed,

Who would be so dumb as to take someone else’s keys away from where they were found. Damn it, its as bad as losing your mobile phone, and that is no picnic.

So its two bunches of keys connected by a coppery looking chain. It would be nice to have them back this tent is getting cold.


Sue said...

Me, I would hang on to the keys.. Post on the internet forums ask the following couple of days who saw what boats where..

I did that on finding something at Anyho Wharf and it worked.. item received when we passed a month later :D

Maffi said...

Yes Sue but not at Thrupp where there are so many options. Its a busy place

Robert Hawkins said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who leaves stuff in inappropriate places.
It's called 'senior moment'
Hope you get them them back soon.

Ann nb Oakfield said...

We found some key at a water tap and decided to leave them there as the owner would probably return, eventually.
Have you tried the local Police Station?