Friday, 9 May 2014


Politicians are saying that the NHS is costly and inefficient. It is overburdened with bureaucracy. I am wondering how many really believe that. The people who drive the bureaucracy in the NHS are the politicians, many of whom have shares in private medical companies, too many. Funding is governed by politicians who keep the NHS short of money this in turn makes the NHS appear inefficient.

If the government give a private company money to run a section of the health service the very first thing the company will do is deduct 20% for their profit. Next they will cut staffing levels followed by equipment costs. At the end of the first year after the death toll has reached an unprecedented level they will give themselves a big fat bonus for saving so much money. More of our money will then be in the hands of people who don’t deserve it just because they are mates with the chief crook.

The NHS will descend in to a pile of crap and the government will blame the last lot.

Can we really allow a group of self-seeking individuals who pay no price for being wrong/incompetent/crooked to be in charge of our NHS?


Nev Wells said...

Good post... the sectioning off the NHS has started and is those areas that are controllable for cost therefore profitable. Those areas like A&E and cancer plus others that are costly to run and have high and unpredictable demands as well as difficult outcomes will be left to the NHS and you are right when they are under pressure due to cost cutting the NHS will get the comparison with the private sector. They learnt how to take this strategy of long term planning fro reduction in public sector expenditure from maggie who did it so effectively with the coal miners. Nev

Robert Hawkins said...

The trouble is that the NHS is between a rock and a hard place.
I think it's pretty true that private companies are, on the whole, efficient. However, as you point out most of us don't like the thought of our cash filling a shark's pocket.
On the other hand anything run by a politician is almost always inefficient and sometimes corrupt.