Saturday, 24 May 2014

They walk among us!

lama4 This is Lama, she was 5. Her Saudi father divorced her Egyptian mother then took Lama to live with him. (Children are their fathers property). Lama died 10 months after he father attacked and tortured her . fayhan-al-ghamdi According to his testimony Fayhan al-Ghamdihe said he was worried about the girls virginity, and took her to a medical examiner to have it checked (although you can’t really check for ”virginity”. He suspected his 5-year-old daughter had brought shame upon the family by somehow losing her virginity.

His response, was a most brutal attack on his child:

Lama was beaten with electrical cables, sharp objects, blunt objects, whips. She was electrocuted, she was ”raped everywhere”, her anal canal was torn open and Al Ghamdi tried to cauterise it with a burning iron. She had fingernails torn out and the side of her head was smashed in. According to a nurse her back was broken. Lama’s arms were broken and her skull fractured. lama5
Lama’s Mother met with her ex-husband in the hospital and asked him why he tortured her, he answered only with a ”chuckle”.
Al Ghamdi, is a well known Islamic preacher, who gives sermons on TV stations. He will not get the death penalty (the penalty for murder in Saudi Arabia) The judge has ruled the prosecution could only seek “blood money and the time the defendant had served in prison since Lama’s death suffices as punishment”. Blood money is paid to the family, (he is the family), 4 months in jail (time served) and all other charges and punishments are dropped. Blood money for a girl is only half of the blood money for a boy. 
The ruling is based on national laws that a father cannot be executed for murdering his children, nor can husbands be executed for murdering their wives.

What I want I know How did he get his information? What made him ‘suspect’ his five year old child?
In order to suspect his child he must have been having unhealthy physical contact with her
It seems to me that these religious leaders have an unhealthy interest in young girls private parts. This man is not a leader, he is a sexual deviant, a predator, a paedophile! Evil personified! Lock him up!!!


Ann nb Oakfield said...

Thanx for bringing this to everyones attention via your blog Maffi.
So this is the country where it is illegal to drink alcohol isn't it?
But you can torture your daughter to death and get away with it.
Absolutly disgraceful!

James said...

A sobering post, locking up is far too good for him.

Robert Hawkins said...

And we (the west that is) buy their oil and sell them arms.
The quicker we ostracise nations like this the better.

Linda Newbery said...

As usual this report really upset me, is there nothing, we, as 'normal' human beings, can do? What is wrong with these people? Why do they do it?
Sorry - all rhetorical - nothing I, or anyone, else can do! Very frustrating!!