Monday, 12 May 2014

Visiting me.

If you look at my time line on Facebook you will see a picture of my boat (it’s the same picture you will see at the top here). The boat name is very clear, Milly M. It even says Maffi's Boat. DSCF8228Most people don't put their boat name on their FB page. That's OK, your choice! But please don't expect me to know who you are or recognise your boat when I am out travelling. I am not clairvoyant. My pregnant daughter and her husband came to visit last year while I was working. I said hello but had no idea who they were even though I was expecting them!!!

P1010050If you see me please make yourself known to me. I like the randomness of that, but don’t expect me to come visit if we have never met and I don’t know the name of your boat. I don’t bite, though some will tell you I do. I am well housetrained I don’t scratch the furniture, wont try to hump your leg and I promise I will never ask to use your porta-potti.

If you are the sort to get upset that I didn't visit when I was in your area remember its a two way street if I didn't visit you, you could have visited me, after all you did recognised who I was.

Above all if I don’t connect with you don’t slag me off to the world and his sister it is not nice and may be illegal.

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Sue said...

I'll tell you what, when I read your blog quite late in the evening even though I have had a bad day (today) I end up in fits of laughter!

Thank you for that!...

PS Nice to know you won't hump my leg when I see you next!!!