Saturday, 10 May 2014


I just dont believe people can be so fecking stupid! A boater in London (who will remain nameless) a newbie I believe asked if he should sound his horn when entering Islington Tunnel (he didn’t want to upset the neighbours). The answer came back ‘yes it’s one of the rules’. So, feeling very pleased with himself after he made his way through the tunnel he announced:

Will have to practice going in a straight line though, as I kept on veering towards one side then the other. Maybe it's coz my headlights at front not working………..

What is it about the water that attracts moths of this calibre?

The time is coming when boaters will need to be licensed as car drivers are licensed and for me that time cant come soon enough.


Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi,
Hydrogen and human stupidity, the two most common things in the universe!

Ann nb Okfield said...

We came up behind a boat in a tunnel that was creeping along zi-zagging.
His wife was stood in the bow with a torch shouting,"left a bit, right a bit!"