Wednesday, 4 June 2014

What an arse!

A  single handed boater came through the bridge yesterday. He did things right until he got back on his boat to bring it through. I have never seen anyone go through at full throttle before.

I closed the bridge and took his key back. I said “I wonder how many fish you have just killed”

He said, “Well I had to do that to get round the corner to pick up my key”

“Funny that no one else does, must be you, said I.

I was not telling the whole truth, most people don't speed like that but some do. And I have to wonder why? Unless the wind is high and blowing off the water point you can round that corner at tick over or half cruising speed or even cruising speed but full throttle? No! only the end of a bell would do that or a drunken stag driver.


Malcolm said...


Bryan Severance said...

Hello ,

I am a development TV producer always on the hunt for new shows and
larger than life characters. Currently, I am working for a large cable
network and developing a show called, Life on the Hook - which would
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at sea for extended periods of time. Now we just need to find our
larger than life characters who live life on the hook! Think Life
Below or Zero or Mountain Men but on a boat.

So if catching rain water and filtering it, fishing and growing
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would love to speak with you and hear more! IF this isn’t you, but you
know who would be perfect - please send them to me as well. Thanks and
look forward to hearing from you.

Courtney Kolinsky

Maffi said...

Brian there are many people who fit that bill, Mostly looney toons and fascists!