Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A long lunch……

I don’t often write about the people I meet at Thrupp but today was special. Andy and Helen arrived on Wandering Bark towing their new addition Montgomery, the Jam Butty. DSCF1396 I was carrying my camera but did I get a picture of them going through the bridge? No!

They had to moor up down by the Jolly Boatman due to the inconsiderate mooring of others. Sorry but there is no room for a 20 foot privacy space between boats at a place like Thrupp. I walked down the towpath to meet them for lunch.

James and Doug on Chance were moored opposite the Boat Inn taking up the honey spot. We all went to lunch in the Boat Inn about 1 o’clock.DSCF1388

Doug, James, Andy, Helen and yours truly

After we ate we repared to Chance and were soon joined by Gary and Della Muleless and then Andy and Richard, Carpe Diem. This continuation of ‘lunch’ went on until 10 that evening.


Me, Helen, Della, James, Richard, Andy, Andy, Gary


Molly as usual was trying to steal the limelight.



Jaqueline Biggs said...

Looks like the craic was grand. Boaters really know hoe to enjoy life!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the blogs, thank you. We're rushing back to Banbury as Martin Carthy is on at The Mill Theatre on Friday. See you later, and I'll get you an ice cream.....Annie's Cornish ice cream is brill !
Rog n Jane
nb Paneke