Monday, 14 July 2014

Dear neighbour,

I know you are having problems with your batteries. You did explain that to me three days ago. You also said that given your batteries have not taken a charge all day they must be knackered. So why do you think you may be able to get them to charge by running your engine again for twelve hours today. It is not ok to run your engine until late into the night. Your problems are not my problems. The rules are quite explicit engine off at eight. You have been running your engine since about nine o’clock this morning, if your batteries have not taken on a charge all day they will not charge any more after eight. There is no fecking excuse, AT ALL!!!

No your engine noise is not obtrusive to you, but you are watching your TV. I don’t watch TV and it is obtrusive to me.

Instead of inviting your family around you could have ordered the batteries. If you cannot fix it then go out into the countryside where there is no one else to bother.

Signed Pissed off neighbour

PS A dead battery is a dead battery. If you connect it to Didcot power station it will still be a dead fecking battery!


chris (nb ceiriog) said...

well, another nob'ead
poor you
I'm having trouble signing in...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Wot ? No blogs. We rely on you for our daily smile and you're too busy renting out kayaks!
Ah well, the weather's good. Musn't grumble :)
Rog n Jane
nb Paneke

Oakie said...

Not much use connecting to Didcot anyway, as it has been closed for a long time and the cooling towers are about to be demolished on 27th July. Book a ringside seat Maffi @ 5am! Wnat time?

Anonymous said...


nb AmyJo said...

Ah but he needs to run the engine because the inverter is draining the batteries to power the 240volt battery charger that is charging the batteries that the inverter is draining to power.....
oh you get the idea, clearly he does does not

Anonymous said...

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