Monday, 21 July 2014

My question……

My bank wants to change the security system. Currently I have to give my ‘nickname’ when I sign then some digits from my password then my security question. Now I can chose how I want to bank online. I can sign up to an app on my i-phone or have a data card or stay as I am. This is bollocks I don’t have an i-phone so that is not an option that is open to me. I don’t want a data card so I am left with the third option, but by rejecting the first two options I am not allowed to even send my bank a message cannot make a new payment to someone who I have not paid before and a whole raft of other functions are being taken away, things that are important to personal banking. In short that is not an option I want either.

What gets me is the only time I have ever lost money from a bank account it was the bank that took it ($245) and they never gave it back. My question is who are they protecting me from?

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Jayne Toyne said...

I'm guessing first direct? I just had to do exactly the same thing. I chose the smartphone app.
trouble was, the next day, my smartphone wasnt so smart and decided it didnt want to charge.

id go down the code card thingy after that experience.

just saying like. :-)