Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Ok so there I was at the weekend sorting out my living room after the onslaught of Alex repairing the roof. (Well done Alex). Everything in the living room was carted out onto the towpath. I had bought, a while ago, some waste bins to use as storage and duplicate as foot stools. In one of these I keep my notebooks, in the other some art materials. I thought this was very clever.photo (1) Last year I got some proper foot stools but still l kept the others. This, as you can imagine, took up a lot of space. What I needed to do was combine the two  but still keep the functionality of the storage. photo (9)Simple task, easy execute!photo (8) Fecking genius!


Malcolm said...

You were obviously feeling so smug you mis-spelled genius. Nobody likes a cleverdick!

Maffi said...

Geius is a better word than Genius :)