Tuesday, 16 September 2014

My roof

If you have tar on your roof take the hat off, this should cure it. I know some will say what about the rain to which I would say what about it? During the winter my fire is continuously lit. Any water going down the chimney will evaporate before it causes a problems. When the fire is not lit it can be covered.

For a long time now my boat has been suffering from a surfeit of tar, both on the roof and inside the ceiling and dripping on to my stove.  Last year I bought a new collar and arranged for a friend to fit it, but ran out of time during the summer. This year  I was determined to get the roof fixed. I was thinking to remove the old collar reseal the flue and fit the new collar. We all know things are never as simple as that,

This is the old collar, rusted to death a mere shadow of its former self.  DSCF1658 DSCF1659








What you may notice is, the top of the flue is inside the bottom of the collar in the right hand picture.

DSCF1660Here, where the flue comes out of the roof ,there should be at least 3 maybe 4 inches of flue above the roof level. How long it has been sheared off is anyone’s guess, but I am thinking nearly eight years. Why do I say this? Well I have always had this problem.

Alex to the rescue! Alex is a bit of a genius. Steel is his forte. He trained as a shipwright. He can visualise a job and decide what needs doing. If you want to decide what you want and and Alex thinks it wont work Alex will not take the job. He will however tell you why not.

After removing the collar Alex wire brushed the roof to remove the rust. DSCF1661 Midland Chandlers wanted £656 for a replacement kit from the stove top to the china man’s hat. We were not having that. I already had the collar. DSCF1663 I had to buy the stove top fitting. This doesn’t come ready to fit. The ‘nuts’ which are just a piece of 1/2 inch bar drilled and tapped were an extra £2.40 each and the fitting screws were £1 each. Total price £46+DSCF1668 The chimney was sourced at £26.40 from an independent engineering company in Carterton near Brize Norton. DSCF1666 Mort Bones had a reducer. That’s the connection between the stove top collar and the flue. It took a day to get the bits together but Alex was able to complete the job in two days.

The roof had rusted badly and around the flue hole the 4mm thick roof was thinner than 2mm . To correct this a 500x500x4 mil plate was ordered was ordered at a cost of £70. I knew this was needed.DSCF1662 The panel was fitted to the roof using an awful lot of screws and a copious quantity of sealer after first having the collar mounting bolt heads welded on the undersideDSCF1670 

The stove top collar was fitted and sealed to the stove (after Alex routed out the channel with a broken drill bit)DSCF1671followed by the  the reducer,

DSCF1672followed by the flue.

DSCF1673With the whole installation finished a paint can was utilised to block off the flue to check inside for leaks.

DSCF1719I was left to finish off the sealing and making it smooth for the undercoat.  DSCF1723Only the top coat to go now. I am going to paint a black band right across the roof in case the tar comes back, but I doubt it will.


Wozie nb oakfield said...

Looks just fab, well done to you and Alex for thinking things through, then coming up with a good plan of action!
Some people coil rope around the bottom of the chimney to absorb the tar, don't know if it's successful though.
I know that tar is powerful stuff that can eat into paintwork and metalwork, so it seems.

Maffi said...

Take the hat off Wozie and you don't need to cure the tar

Carol said...

The hat does have to come off, so says Vic from No Problem, otherwise the smoke just condenses on the hat and runs down as tar. Another thing he suggests is to put a lining inside the chimney, pushed down into the chimney hole and which protrudes an inch above the chimney and you will have no more tar problems. I did ours about a week ago and have yet to try it out, but Vic has had his on for over 12 months........no tar! George
PS. Nice job Maffi, really impressed!!

Maffi said...

My chimney has a different design to make sure the tar doesn't run down onto the roof. Picture tomorrow or the next day.

Anonymous said...

If you put something like Stockinette (about a foot length, twisted 2 or 3 times around the bottom of the chimney on top of the collar it catches/ soaks up any remaining tar and stops it running down the roof / cabin.

A length (about 2 ft)of Aluminium foil scrunched up and pushed between the skins of a double chimney will keep the air gap warm and prevent or reduce tar condensation - Ray Butler (Owl)

Malcolm said...

There's lovely!

Maffi said...

Ray it should not be necessary to 'soak up' tar. My problem was the cracked flue tube. Now I have had it fixed I don't think I will be having problems with tar again.

Working Narrow Boat Hadar said...

An old saucepan with the handle removed and painted makes a great chimney cover, either over the collar or the chimney. If you dent it then it is less likely to be nicked, to chain it to the roof like ours are :)