Friday, 26 September 2014

Small Boat Syndrome

Thats me on the left and Kinver on the right. Then along comes the boat arrowed and he moors right in the middle of the space. What is it with people who own small boats. If we want privacy we can always stay home. This is Thrupp, part of the trial ‘new’ mooring rules. To make the most of the new rules (or even the old ones) we must share rings/bollards. This is wasteful and thoughtless.



A Heron's View said...

I really cannot see why you are complaining, after all there are not many boats cruising at this time of the year.

Is it just that you are into rules rather than freedom of the individual.

Maffi said...

Not at all there is rarely a day goes by when these mooring are not full to capacity at 'this time of the year. Several boats have moved off today and all the spaces filled before evening. Often these inconsiderate people moan when you ask them to move and deny others the right to moor where there is obviously space if only fuckwits would stop hogging the mooring. Individual freedom is fine as long as it doesn't impinge on the rights of others to enjoy the canal. On this occasion We had to move two boats before the evening came to get everyone in.

Robert Hawkins said...

You can't legislate thoughtlessness away.
Wouldn't it be wonderful though?
Oh, hang on, I'd probably be cought up in it!

Anonymous said...

And so says the continuous cruiser who has spent last six months within a hundred yards of present mooring, a progressive cruise to nowhere

Maffi said...

Anonymous you are a nob you are clearly deluded I have not broken any rules or overstayed. Get your facts right or don't bother.

Of course if you had balls you would use your name. Lack of such just proves you are full of shit.

Robert Hawkins said...

Well said Maffi

Maffi said...