Monday, 13 October 2014


Here I am, my first proper stop on my winter journey. I have arrived in Oxford. I am reluctant to go down the arm because that would mean having to reverse out with my tender on the front. I need to go out later so i will look at the mooring situation then decide if I should go down. Hardly seems worth the bother.

I see that the Mill Stream is once again filling up with Oxfords cast offs. There are 10/11 boats on the stream now as opposed to the three and a half that were there last year.  It would seem that this river and the land that forms the banks doesnt actually belong to anyone so a group of ‘boaters’ are setting up a land grab. Same just up stream of Botley/Osney Bridge.

I wouldn’t mind but this area was always a dump full of all the detritus that collects around such sites and making it not very pleasant for landies who live nearby, and just as it turns the corner and starts to become societaly friendly a new bunch of  chancers come along and feck it all up again.


MortimerBones said...

what about a photo of the millstream? I haven't been down there for yonks

Maffi said...

Had a problem with my camera, seems it wasn't in my pocket.

Maffi said...

Apparently there is now a 'charity' for vunarable (sic) boaters. It is in part to do with Mr Something for nothing Surridge.