Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bureaucracy sucks!

Twenty years ago I got a mortgage to buy my first house. At the time it was the norm to have an interest only loan then carry an endowment policy to pay off the capital. So for twenty years my endowment company has taken £78 every month out of my bank account. Back in July, twenty years down the line, the policy matured. Since I took out the policy I have lived in two houses in the UK and four in the Middle East. The last UK house I lived in I sold to my daughter, which was my registered address for many years. She moved house last year. Endowment company sent a letter to this address. It was returned.

So now I want my money. I sent a new address, which happens to be Annie’s Tearoom, but they wont accept it with out proof of identity. I have argued that as they had my bank details for the last twenty years all they had to do is put my money back into my bank account. No address is needed. No not good enough.

How do we know who you are?
Does it matter?
Yes, you might not be the beneficiary.
But you took the money from my bank account!
But that doesn’t mean you are the rightful person to receive the money.
But I paid it.
That doesn’t mean you are the person to receive it.
But it was to pay off my mortgage!
We don’t know that.
What do you know?

Now at this point the operator starts talking about The DPA and protecting me from criminal activity. Well I got my first bank account in my twenties and the only times I have been subjected to criminal activity it has been carried out by the very people who are supposedly trying to protect me. So who are they to protect me from criminal activity.

What is most annoying is they have written to me at Annie’s twice now, so they are quite happy to discuss the matter with me at this address but not send the cheque.

What is it with these fecking muppets. This could have  been so simple, but they had to make it difficult.

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