Monday, 27 October 2014


Ok so the latest division in the boating community is within the CCer ranks Liz and Trisha on the FB page ‘Continuous Cruisers’, have stated that you cannot be a CCer if you don’t live on your boat. This of course is preposterous twaddle and an example of the failings of our education system for many years!

They refuse to accept that if you move your boat at least every two weeks, whether or not you live on it, you are a CCer.

I cited Andrew Deny who did move as required but was told, “well that’s only one.”

My god some people are just so fecking dumb!!!


Anonymous said...

Me too! Mary

Malcolm said...

They've obviously never read the CRT definition of Continuous Cruisers.
If they had read it they probably wouldn't have understood it...silly me.