Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Day two and three

Well I left OXFORD just after 11am on Tuesday, first putting my little tender on the roof whilst in ISIS lock. I don't want to pay for it just to tow it. It is just short of the chimney height so I knew it would make it under the rail bridge in SHEEPWASH Channel, but was uncertain about BOTLEY Bridge. Fortunately it made it.

There was no Lockie at OSNEY or IFFLEY for that matter, so I had to wait until SANFORD to pay my dues. Seven days £60! Seems cheaper than last year so I wasn’t about to argue. The Lockie, John, was a stand in I think, ex-marine. I stopped above ABINGDON Lock to empty and fill up.

What is it about wide beams? If you need that much space to live in get a fecking house. Apart from filling up dozens of bottles and containers with water, when he finished he thought I would move out so he could move off the water point straight on to the pump out while I reversed around  him to take his place on the water point. When he said this I countered “ But there are two of you”. This he hadn’t planned on and he had to call the galley slave out to help. They took so long faffing about I eventually did reverse back around him. By the time I had filled up the Lockie was off duty.

The good thing about Abingdon is Waitrose! I moored on the park side and did a shop for the next few days. Salmon, Venison, and Lamb.

This morning I went out to get stuff I forget to get last night and set off south after a chat with an elderly lady selling knitted purses in aid of Battersea Dogs home. I went down the weir stream at Culham. Just before the weir I turned around and reversed through the ‘chicane’ the rest of the way down to SUTTON COURTNEY. Lovely houses and a few nice boats. Old Working boat CHISWICK was there.

At Culham Lock the Lockie was on lunch break and some one was slowly filling the lock. A sign said it would take twenty minutes. It wasn’t wrong. When I finally got inside the lock It wasn’t until the lock was empty that the owner of the BFODB on the lock mooring decided to show his face. He made a total cock up of moving off and not waiting for me to get out of the lock first. Big boat Small brain. I come out at this time of the year to avoid the idiots, it seems they are out in force.

At CLIFTON HAMPDEN the Lockie was just about to go off to the weir, but let me down anyway. I sat on the end of the layby and made a flask and a sandwich. At DAYS Lock the Lockie looked familiar. It was John from yesterday. By the time I had got through the lock I had an invite to a BBQ next summer at the house by the motocross track above ABINGDON. It started to rain at DAYS so I moored around the corner by the outflow of the river TAME. My fire is alight, our clothes are drying and I am snug as a bug in a rug.

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