Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hello Neil

Back in March I had an incident on the Stratford canal. It was at the lift bridge just above lock 2. I had placed my boat close to the lift bridge. Then laid the bow rope along the opening and down the far side and tied it off (so it would fall under the bridge when I raised it) thereby making it easier to pull through when the time came. If you know this bridge you will know it takes a lot of energy to raise it up, and a lot of energy to let it down. Well I had just started to raise the bridge when someone opened the top paddles at the lock. The movement of water caused the boat to move forward and crash into the bridge. Unfortunately this broke the stud holding the head lamp on.DSCF1727The bolt was 6mm and the stud 8mm They are both now 8 mm thanks to Neil who is a customer in the Boat Inn. He visits there once a week with his wife Julie. Having seen some of the jobs he has done for others I asked if he could do something for me, and he did. My headlamp is now fixed back on the boat in its rightful place. Neil is an all round jolly good chap.

Thank you Neil (Happy now?)

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