Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Dear Mr Leslie

Thank you for your letter dated 1st October 2014 regarding statement made by the Prime Minister, during his speech at the Conservative Party conference in Birmingham in which he said that the country “is paying down its debts”.

The latest National Statistics on Public Sector Finances, published by the Office for National Statistics on 30 September 2014, shows that public sector net debt (excluding public sector banks) as at the end of June 2010 was estimated to be £997.4 billion (equivilent to 64.0% of Gross Domestic Product) and £1432.3 billion at the end of August 2014 (79.1% of GDP), an estimated increase of £434.9 b illion over the period.


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Anonymous said...

Bluddy bottom feeders the lot of 'em.

More money for nurses/teachers/invalided military/old people/chronic sick/police etc as a special case - nope says the leeches, you can survive on the pittance you have.

BUT politicians - oh, WE'RE special. We cant survive now our expenses scams have been rumbled and we're only getting another 8% over inflation, that's fair isn't it