Sunday, 19 October 2014

New Glasses

While in Oxford last week I picked up my replacement glasses. While there I pointed out that the the previous new glasses were defective, the ‘tortoise shell’ covering on the arms was rucking up flaking off. The chap at the opticians was very concerned that I had a defective pair of glasses and ordered a new pair immediately.

As you know I am on my winter trip and told him as much. He said he would have them delivered to somewhere else. “Where will you be in a week or two.”

“Hopefully,” I said, “I will be in Paddington Basin.”

He checked on the computer for store locations and found there is one in Paddington.

Today I got a phone call from Boots opticians in Paddington, my glasses are ready.



KevinTOO said...

Perhaps you'll be able to see where you put the fire rope when you get you new specs :) LOL

Graham said...

Now you will be able to see to find your fire door rope! Wonderful!