Friday, 17 October 2014

Rough Justice

This girl was raped. Because she couldn't come up with four male witnesses to testify to the crime she was branded an adulteress and stoned to death.B0GnbpRIQAIOykw The irony, if irony is the right word here, is that one of those men could be the rapist.

There are those who want this justice here in the UK. I am sorry but I am going to have to fight against that.


roger said...

do not apologise

Malcolm said...

They say that they want this type of 'justice' in the UK as it's part of their 'culture'. So that's ok then...grrr!

Robert Hawkins said...

It's about time these people came into the 19th century.
We can't expect them to rush now can we?
At least that would be better than the 17th where they are now.

Maffi said...

17th? my goodness that modern I would have said Middle Ages