Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Speeding liars!

This picture has been doing the rounds this year. I even wrote to the company about it. It was reported elsewhere on the net. Apparently the customers were NOT new to boating. 10711149_1100713489956246_6032780445885160502_nFunny old thing the customer did phone the company and mention that someone had been taking photographs but they didn’t know why. (Liars)

The customer was very apologetic and said, she hadn’t realised they were going so fast. To which I would ask ‘how can she tell such barefaced lies!’

The company said, “Although the stern wave is quite large, there is very little bow wave……, so I stressed the point about keeping an eye on the wave created behind the boat as they cruised along, and how the waves created will vary with the depth of water, not just the speed.”

OK so that’s that is it? Well I know its not because these lying bastards are just that. Those people on the boat knew just how fast they were going and how big the wave was behind them. I wasn’t there but I know this to be true because I have a computer and I can see. Two of the three people on the stern are looking backwards and one looks to be taking a picture!

speedIf you think they were not speeding on purpose then please let me know because you are too stupid to be on my Christmas card list!

Napton Narrowboats are a bunch of gullible fools if they believe the customer! Of course that’s just my opinion!


Malcolm said...

I've spoken to plenty of boaters that passed my boat too fast and I even suggested to one that he'd lost his water skier.
I've never seen anything like this, I'm amazed.

nb Chuffed said...

We were passed on the Macc one evening by a speeding Heritage hire boat just near the Heritage base. The steerer looked desperate and his wife was in tears - we found out next day they had accidentally locked their screaming baby inside and were panicking their way back to base to get another key - yet their wake was nothing like as bad as the Napton's!!

Nb Yarwood said...

Hi Maffi
That photograph is mine. I took the shot and sent it to Napton Narrowboats and published it on my blog in March 2014. I also published the response from Napton Narrowboats. I am a bit surprised to see it 'doing the rounds' as you say...

Maffi said...

Oh Darling I am sorry I thought it was someone else's I shall give you a shout.

Maffi said...

Yeah its been on FB and Narrowboatworld.