Wednesday, 15 October 2014


A deaf girl from Pakistan who was kept as a slave for nine years by a millionaire couple from Salford is to receive £100,000 in compensation.

Bz_1xdzCIAA_ecf Ilyas and Tallat Ashar were jailed last October after the girl was found in their cellar in 2009. The victim was repeatedly raped and forced to work at the family's properties as a child for nine years.

Manchester Crown Court ruled the couple must also repay £42,000 of benefits falsely claimed in her name.

The Ashars must also pay £321,000 towards the cost of their trials.

Now in her 20s, the victim, who cannot be named, is believed to have been as young as 10 when she was trafficked into the UK.

Ashar cellar
The girl was found in a cellar in 2009

She was found sleeping in a cot bed in the Ashars' cellar by trading standards staff, who were investigating allegations of money laundering.

Police said the victim's details were used on bank accounts linked to the couple.

But when officers tried to speak to her at the house, they realised she was incapable of communication and moved her to a place of safety.

Police said she could not read or write, and have accepted the benefit fraud was carried out by the Ashars.


OK so what crimes can you see have been committed.
False imprisonment
Multiple Rapes
Benfit fraud
Money laundering
Fraud to name but a few.

My question is why are these monsters not deported penniless. They are not worthy of their British passports!



Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi
I agree, but they're probably 'British' because they hold British passports and they'd become stateless if we expelled there's an idea.
Regards Malcolm

Tom and Jan said...

Why did it take from 2009 to 2013 for a trial and conviction?
Justice delayed is justice denied!

Maffi said...

Well you might say they hold two passports. SO they would not be stateless.

Malcolm said...

If they do have dual nationality the government should withdraw their British passports and deport them to wherever they were before they came to the UK.
They won't be stateless and the government wouldn't be accused of infringing their human rights.
After what they did, I'm not sure they even qualify for human rights.

Tramper said...

No matter how vile and repulsive people may be, isn't the fact that we uphold their human rights as a matter of principle what makes us civilised and utterly different to them?

Argue about what human rights we should grant and receive, but if you start to choose to whom to grant those rights on a subjective basis I think you are on a very slippery slope back to a darker age.

Maffi said...

Well said, but we should still kick them out!