Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Canal and River Trust

Richard Parry said recently, “It doesn't matter what people call us as long as they don't call us BW”.

So what do you call them?

The Canal and River Trust is the title, but we live in a world of abbrieviations.

The initials of the trust are CART. People use this in a derogatory fashion, ;We are in the CART now’, or CaRT, but in all seriousness it is very childish for adults to be so petty.

I ask you when referring to QE2, Her Majesty the Queen do we say  HMtQ or HMTQ or HMQ?

I can’t think of any one who, if it were their way to use such abbreviations, would use HMTQ or HMtQ. It would normally be HMQ and rightly so.

So why are we intent on CART/Cart when CRT is probably the more correct way to make reference to the Trust. After all we live in a world of TLAs.

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