Saturday, 29 November 2014

Old & New

When I took this picture I didn't see the modern ‘Way Out‘ sign. It was only when I uploaded it to the laptop did I notice this odd juxtaposition. This sign is fantastic in design and history. It must be well over 100 years old. I wonder why London Transport, or currently Transport for London (TfL), thought it necessary to add the new sign to what is, though slightly dilapidated, a piece of art. The new sign adds no information and detracts from the ambience of the station.DSCF1958 I think this is on the Bakerloo Line but I don’t remember which station.


John said...

Does the new sign have emergency lighting in the event of a power failure?

John said...

Sorry meant to add - still doesn't excuse the cack handed way they've installed it though.

Maffi said...

I don't think so.