Thursday, 27 November 2014

Ooo er!

A couple of weeks ago. following an ever increasing stiff Morse gear control I called on RCR to come and fit a new one which I happened to have.

I was quite impressed with the ease with which it now moves and I have enjoyed the smooth unrestricted action during the journey up here. There was one small problem, in neutral the propeller turned backwards very slowly.

I was going to spend a few days at The Old Royal Oak at Hillmorton and it was here that I decided to call RCR once again to come and sort out the adjustment of the gear cable.

The problem was not as simple as that! After adjustment the fault was still apparent. The engineer then called the chap who came out two years ago when the gear box spat all its oil out at Stoke-on-Trent and again in Marple. He is the RCR gear box expert. His diagnosis was the clutch was buggered.

The gear box would have to go to Derby for replacement of the clutch. This would take about 5 days. I didn’t plan on staying at the Royal Oak that long so here I am back in Braunston. Close to a pub , close to a shop and close to a bus into Daventry. Ho hum!

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Anonymous said...

Middle Earth, the best place to be, moreso now that phone signals etc have improved around here.
nb Oakfield