Saturday, 29 November 2014

Pederasts and Pimps

Amid allegations of sexual impropriety, sex crimes and even murder among our politicians the news comes that Thatcher knew and warned one top aide to sort his act out. This is clearly a case of the PM believing she is above the law. She had a duty as a citizen and a sworn public official to report her aide and she FAILED. She is no better than a pimp.

Currently we have David Cameron in the same position.

We have a parliament and a upper house that make the laws. We have a police force that enforces the law. Once the law has been established it is for the police to enforce it. At no time should Parliament be deciding which law breakers should be caught and which let free. NEVER!

To do this allows unscrupuless people to corrupt our legislature  . We pay these people to be better than that. And we should all expect the current swatch of serious crimes to be prosecuted by the law. Anything less is a dereliction of duty.

Any interference by the government should stamped on. Dave and his henchmen are NOT above the law.

The party should never come before the law!

And now the Palace is in it up to their necks.


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Anonymous said...

Agree Maffi, the law can be 'bent' for some people can't it?
Andrew Mitchell v the police was a good example. What a farce, someone was lying weren't they?
nb Oakfield