Thursday, 27 November 2014

The lights of London

I saw this chandelier in a pub in Whitehall during my recent visit. I am thinking it must be gold plated because brass would take an age to clean,

Surprisingly the Guinness was only £3.70!

DSCF1914  DSCF1916

DSCF1918  DSCF1920


Marilyn McDonald said...

Where do they sell those chandeliers, Maffi? One of them would look good on Waka Huia!

Anonymous said...

Ah, ha, it's all about the price of Guinness that's important isn't it?
Amazing how much the price varies between venues too.
nb Oakfield

Anonymous said...

hadn't you heard that Del Boy, Rodney and Grandpa turn up to take care of the Chandaliers Maffi?
nb Oakfield