Friday, 28 November 2014

To the Boat House

I had arranged with Keith and Ann on Oakfield that they would follow me down to Braunston just in case I had a catastrophic event and couldn’t move, I didn’t fancy punting a 16 ton boat to Braunston. The trip went off with out incident. I moored outside the Boat House and Oakfield moored opposite Midland Chandlers, who by the way didn’t have the water valve I wanted.

Time for a cuppa which was supplied by Ann along with lunch. I love these two people. In the evening we all went out to dine in the Boat House. Three and a half hours we were there. It was a very good meal made all the better by the good company I keep. Thank you both. My turn next.

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Dave Winter said...

Keith and Ann were the first couple I made contact with on a narrowboat. A lovely couple indeed. A
gift of drizzle cake goes down well with them :-)