Friday, 26 December 2014


When I arrived at Brownsover Christmas Eve I put my rubbish in the bin and the bin was almost full to the brim, but the lid did close. On Christmas Day I set about collecting the rubbish in the park. I collected two bags full of which this is one.DSCF2092 And still I managed to get the lid to close. However Boxing Day ‘civilians’ arrived and dumped their excess Christmas waste in the bin. The lid now doesn’t close and I can imagine several others turning up with their rubbish and dumping it around the bin. I doubt it will be collected  until the New Year, which means the rats will end up having a field day.DSCF2101I always thought this bin was provided for boaters but this chap just rocked up and dumped his rubbish. Now he may be a boater, but he came with 4 friends and any way household rubbish is is not boat rubbish.


However  later in the morning this lot appeared just dumped out of a car window. I know it wasn’t there yesterday cos it was spotless, Merry Christmas Brownsover .


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